Yana Mikhaleva

Yana Mikhaleva has an M.Sc. in Physiology from Lomonosov Moscow State University and PhD in Molecular -Biology from the University of Bergen, Norway. She studied neural development and function in the urochordate from gene expression to behaviour, using molecular and functional imaging approaches. She has expertise in multiple molecular biology techniques, RNA and DNA isolation,

Martina Galatea Castelli

Martina Galatea Castelli has a PhD in Toxicology from the University of Bergen, Norway. She studied the role of environmental pollutants in the development of metabolic disorders. She has experience with RNA isolation, qPCR, animal models and cell culture techniques. She is currently in charge of performing single cell transcriptomics on the 10X Genomics platform

Sepideh Mostafavi

Sepideh Mostafavi has an MSc in Molecular biology from the University of Bergen. She has also another MSc in Microbiology from the same university. She has concluded her Ph.D. in Mitochondrial Medicine & Neurogenetics (MMN) group at Neuro-Sys-Med, using iPSCs for modelling POLG-related disease. She has expertise in stem cell culture and differentiation ( neurons